Since 2007 the sound:frame festival deals with  audio:visual expressions within an artistic and club-oriented context. Each year intercreativity and collaborations between numerous artists and theorists from various areas such as visual art, media art, architecture and music provide the framework for sound:frame’s thematic focus.  
From the very beginning “sound:frame” stood for the equal interaction between sound and (moving) images. While “sound” represents a fraction of a musical piece or track, “frame” refers to the smallest unit of moving images. Within this context musical as well as visual elements are equally significant.

With each year sound:frame delves deeper into the fields of audiovisual art. Along the lines of „evolution remixed!“ in 2009 the historical review of audiovisual art gained center stage, as technological and artistic remix strategies were discussed. In 2010 and under the theme „dimensions“ sound:frame put its focus on the given framework of space, while audiovisually dealing with spatial structures. In the context of the 2011 core theme „perFORMance“ sound:frame discussed the significance of process-based and performative aspects within audiovisual art forms and their formally aesthetic characteristics. With the 2012 theme «substructions»  sound:frame highlighted current cultural tendencies and dealt more deliberately with the structure of a festival, creating a more transparent approach towards its basic framework, which usually goes unnoticed.

Under the festival’s theme «collective» in 2013 sound:frame will mainly deal with networks, artist collectives, interdisciplinary teamwork and international collaborations. Chances, positive aspects as well as difficulties that arise through collective work will be discussed. As sound:frame seeks to explore and discuss central questions within various contexts, this year’s festival will include formats such as exhibitions, live-events, workshops, screenings and a discourse-program. Sound: frame considers itself to be a platform for current artistic movements, offering artists an international network that supports their artistic, formal, content-related innovations. 

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