Cooperation, collectively produced creativity and teamwork are essential parts of the basic foundations of artistic production. “Collectiveness” is therefore crucial to sound:frame and its international community and will be dealt with more deliberately in 2013.
sound:frame considers itself to be such a collective that functions and acts as a closely cooperating team in Vienna as well as a global community, platform and network.

curator & artistic direction
Eva Fischer

cultural manager & production managment MAK
Laura Welzenbach

web & graphik design coordination

Michael Merzlikar

art direction visual identity
Martin Embacher & Katharina Hölzl 

artist management

Simon Hellmayr

project management & press
Andrea Pessl

project management & team coordination
Melanie Cichos

editorial & online communication
Maria Pfeifer

exhibition setting
Gerald Moser

grafik design
Maximilian Huber

web design
Alexander Haberfellner

web programming
Thomas Oppl

technical cooordination - audio
Harry Unger

technical cooordination - video
Leonard Pokropek
Benjamin Pokropek
Thomas Planitzer

signage exhibition

Ursula Feuersinger

photography & documentation
Claudio Farkasch
Dimitri Aschwander
Andreea Sasaran

cooordination - video documentation
Robert Hack

video documentation
Tom Hochleitner
Ben Johnston-Arthur

international press
Natasha Fuchs


Rebecca Büchler


Georg Bauer
Ella Purivatra

editorial exhibition
Denise Sumi

proof reading
Julia Blaas

coordination team "Extra Power"
Florian Tanzer

Extra Power
Philipp Gschwendtner
Liza Höfer
Nicole Jaeger
Yannick Kurzweil
Georg Pühringer
Marcus Fieseler
Tobias Rieper
Anna Schmuckermair
Michael Weiler
Sonja Hahn
Franziska Niemand
Julie Holer
Manuel Johns
Markus Lubej
Pia Watzenböck
Katharine Oberegger

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